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Pragmatic legal solutions for land use projects.

Focusing on:

- Land Use and Zoning

- Local and State Permitting

- Land Use Litigation

- Land Use Appellate Law




Zoning and Land Use


This is the heart and soul of our practice. We take projects from concept phase, map out the approval processes necessary to make them allowed uses, guide those projects through design, and then obtain the approvals.

Local and State Permitting


At first glance, permitting isn't as exciting as zoning. However, it is every bit as necessary and can take just as much time as zoning due to the many technical details involved.  We take approved sites and guide them through the local and state permitting to make them ready for breaking earth.

Land Use Litigation and Appeals


Sometimes the reviewing entity just gets a land use ruling wrong.  We may be able to get their ruling revised to what it should have been.

Local Government Law


Sometimes, a site, project or existing use doesn't need to go through zoning or permitting, it just needs an adjustment.  Many times, communications between a property owner and a jurisdiction break down because so much is at stake that emotions run high and bound rationality on both sides of the table. During times like these, we step in for our clients to provide calm, pragmatic representation that can often broker a solution that works for everyone involved.

Association Law


Associations are the backbone of modern housing in Florida. A smooth running association can be critical to a beautiful and harmonious community. An association that runs poorly can create just the opposite.  We help associations run smoothly by drafting thoughtful governing documents and guiding association boards through the sometimes tricking process of enforcing their governing documents.'



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Mattaniah Jahn

Mattaniah is an attorney with a passion for land use development, beginning at age 18 by forming a  small billboard company in interior South Florida. She understands the terror a business person faces when they have everything wrapped into an expansion project, and the jurisdiction simply decides to stop working with them, as well as the success of seeing such projects through to completion.

Mattaniah practiced for several years under a preeminent land use attorney in the state of Florida; where a passion for every point where the law touches the earth was refined with a pragmatic, collaborative, solutions oriented, skill set that achieves results.

Mattaniah has managed a wide range of projects from special exceptions in Florida to Right of Way permitting in Georgia with complexities ranging from simple building permits to reclaiming wetlands for development.



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